A brief Study of dipeptide with example

Amino acids are the bio molecules which are responsible for the synthesis of the protein. There are 21 amino acids which when linked together give rise to protein molecules. Proteins are complex molecular structure which have vital role in living processes. Dipeptides on the other hand are the simpler structures which are formed by linking two amino acids in different patterns. Two amino acids are linked together to form the amide bond. Amide boned is formed when the carboxylic group of one amino acid linked with the amine group of the other amino acid and the result is amide bond. Amide bond is also called as the peptide bond. The entire process talks place with the liberation of the water molecule. Dipeptides are now highly used in the industries.

In the food industries these are used in the food processing as well as in the fermentation process while in the chemical industries there are so many derivatives can be prepared from these dipeptides. peptides give rise to other molecules which are also used as the medicinal drugs. Histidine is the example of the dipeptide which is really very effective in curing many metabolic syndromes. These metabolic syndromes can give rise to the cardiac related problems and other disorders. Our body functions are controlled y the hormones some of these hormones are dipeptides. Thus in endocrine system there is fair role of hormones. Drug has fewer side effects and its activity rate is also low in the blood thus these can be used in many medicines.

Dipeptides has great role in the chemical process, these are helpful in forming chelates and these are also helpful in ph buffering processes. We enjoy different flavours of the processed food these are all due to the added agent’s dipeptides. These are very safe to be used in the food agents. There are so many drugs which are prepared from the dipeptides these drugs are used to treat so many problems. Metabolic syndrome gives rise to the high blood pressure. Nerve disorders and kidney failures too are major problems associated to it. Thus peptides are the effective to treat such kind of the disorders. You can get the best results from these peptides. Thus there are so many applications of the peptides in every field. Derivatives of the peptides are in great demand due to cost effectiveness and assessability of this molecule. More over synthesis of the dipeptide is very easy.

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