Enjoy Coastline of Lagos with Sunset Cruise

Lagos is a Portuguese town in the District of Faro, located in the Western Algarve, the western part of sub-region and the region of the Algarve. With a little more than 18 thousand inhabitants, the charming city is closely linked to the so-called Portuguese Discoveries. Benefited by its port, located in a wide bay in front of the Atlantic Ocean, it was from there that the main Portuguese maritime expeditions departed in centuries XV and XVI.

But the history of Lagos is even more ancient. There are records that Lagos was founded nearly two thousand years before Christ, already as an important port, where Phoenicians, Greeks, and Carthaginians did trade. After that, it became an important Roman industrial center for the production of salt from fish to ceramics. With the fall of the Roman Empire, it was the turn of the Moslem rule.

Since then, the city has gone through many phases and today it is one of the most gorgeous tourist centers in the Algarve, with beaches, important heritage, besides excellent services, hotel infrastructure and options of bars and restaurants.

At present, the most of the population resides in the region of the city, outside the center of the city and it is working mainly in the tourism and services industry. The historic center is practically all structured for footpaths exclusively, offering a wide range of shops and food.

Traveling to Lagos is the guarantee of knowing some of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve. They are beaches for all tastes, with or without structure, large and open, small and surrounded by rocks and even nudist beach.

Lagos also belongs to a non-governmental organization that aims to reduce the speed of life in cities to improve the quality of life. If, on the one hand, the cities with this title should advance the guarantee of a calm lifestyle, in Lagos this does not mean any doldrums, and, yes, much pleasure.

The town, with its famous white house, became a kind of craze of European tourists in the summer because of its beaches and its nocturnal animation. Some say that Lagos has a rhythm that resembles Ibiza or the most popular Greek islands, with bars, nightclubs, and good restaurants.

In the summer of Europe, the Portuguese coast is crowded with tourists from the continent who go to the region in search of sun and beaches. It is worth noting, however, that for Brazilians the slightly cooler months can also be quite pleasant as well as being a good time to take advantage of low season prices.

With all these predicates, the consequence is that staying in Lagos can make the tourist spend a little more than in other Portuguese cities, but there are several other options nearby. If money is not the problem, Lagos is without a doubt one of the best basic options to get to know Algarve

Lagos Sunset Cruise:

If you are visiting Lagos with your family or friends and looking for relaxation with lots of enjoyment, you should not miss sailing Lagos through Cruise. It is a stylish boat which will take you to explore the coastline from Lagos when the sun is about to set. In addition, you will also enjoy beverages on the board.

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