Factors to Check Before Buying Agricultural Land for Sale

Buying agricultural land is a lucrative investment. So, if you are planning to buy land for agriculture, you sure are making a smart choice. Experts in the field of real estate say that agricultural land brings you a constant source of income and revenue. However, prior to the purchase, you must check the land even if it is for sale.

Check agricultural land for sale

Real estate professionals recommend you to check agriculture land for sale before signing the deed. If you have experience in the field, you may conduct this inspection by yourself. However, if you are new, experts suggest you hire a professional inspection officer to help you carry out the above. If you have plans to grow crops and sell them in the market, you need to assess the potential of the land. If the quality of the soil is poor, you will not be able to grow crops. It is hard for you to feed livestock as well.

Check the fertility of the soil 

The quality of the soil will depend upon its fertility. If the land has been used for growing crops for many years, many nutrients from the soil get lost. In case, the land has been diversified- meaning the present owners are rotating crops, the quality of the soil will be better. This is the perfect soil you should use for growing crops.

A sample test of the soil

Test a soil sample of the land before purchase 

Take some soil and send it for a sample test at the lab. If you are experienced in farming, you can take some in your hand and smell it. Feel its surface and check its composition.  If the soil has heavy clay, it is hard for crops to grow on the land. If the soil of the land is sandy, the drainage of the land will be good however it will not hold sufficient water to hold the crops. If the color of the soil is loam and dark, it is ideal for farming.

Check the topography of the land 

The topography of the land determines how you will use the land. For instance, steeps and slopes are ideal for grazing your animals however they are not perfect for growing crops. If you wish to build a farm or structure on this land, check the local zoning laws before you start building it. Before you build a structure on the agricultural land, contact the State and County for getting a copy of the zoning codes. They will give you an insight on whether or not you are permitted to build on the land or not. Also check the drainage, type of soil, the gradient of the agricultural land you wish to purchase and more.

Prior to buying agricultural land for sale, ask the seller questions. You should be aware of the land you are buying. So, take time to clarify doubts and concerns. Know what your future goals are so that purchasing the agricultural land you are interested gives you lucrative returns in the future.

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