Podcast, Social Media, Apps: Where to Place Your Marketing Budget

Before the popularity of digital marketing, UK consumers were only used to seeing and hearing ads from the television, radio, and print publications, but today, everything has changed. These days, businesses have more options in placing their budget for marketing.

The ever-growing presence of digital marketing and advertising in UK has opened the floodgates for other forms of advertising, making the industry more well-rounded and adaptive. In the advent of digital marketing, e-commerce, and UK dedicated servers, advertisers first took advantage of online ads through organic means like search engine optimization (SEO) and paid means like pay-per-click (PPC). Many advertisers stuck to these go-to methods while others continued to explore other alternatives. These alternatives were typically overlooked by more traditional digital marketers as they initially perceived it as a fad that will fade after few months or years. However, these alternatives have proven to themselves to be efficient and profitable.

The Alternatives: Profitable Digital Advertising Methods

While digital advertising methods like SEO and PPC remain to be very relevant in this day and age, other forms are quick to follow. The most popular and effective alternatives to traditional forms of digital advertising and marketing include: podcasts, social media, and mobile apps.

Podcasts – Podcasts are like the product of the long-time relationship of radio and advertising. Modern-day radio programs, if you will are podcasts. In retrospect, radio shows were great avenues for advertising products and services, and podcasts are going the same route. Podcasts, however, are quite unique as they can be very specific when it comes to their niches. While many podcasts have limited following, they can serve as good avenue for advertisers that do share the same target market. Podcasts that cater to PC gamers can become a good advertising channel for PC gaming brands.

Social media – Social media sites are not limited for social interaction on the web, they are now widely used for business branding and online selling. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great tools for advertising products and services. These platforms are also being effectively used by companies for their customer support, bridging the gap among their clients. Social media sites are likewise appropriate channels for business branding and promotions. The concept of social media marketing is this: if your company is trusted by these people, the friends and relatives of these people are likely to trust it as well.

Mobile apps – It is common among UK professionals and students to have mobile devices, and because of this, they can be easily targeted by advertisers. The popularity of mobile apps in UK has paved the way for the rise of employment among app developers and companies that offer UK dedicated servers. This is not surprising because advertisers have found good ways to place ads on mobile ads. Larger companies have also devised ways to incorporate branding in mobile apps. It is not uncommon for app developers to create official mobile apps of companies. These companies use these apps not only to promote products or services but to improve client retention and customer service as well.

Using these Methods for Your UK Business

If your business is looking for methods to streamline its products or services, you would want to consider the three methods mentioned. Aside from they are effective, they are relatively cheap as well. Unlike other forms of advertising, using podcasts, social media, and mobile apps does not require significant amount of money. While advertising with these channels is quite affordable, its effectiveness cannot be questioned if done correctly. Hence, intensive market research and competitor analysis are important before choosing to advertise using these mediums.

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