Road To Elite Sports For Kazakhstani People

Bulat Utemuratov became the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tennis Federation ten years ago, initiating successful development of tennis infrastructure throughout the country.

The road to success

Mr. Utemuratov is a very famous figure in business circles. He is the richest man in Kazakhstan, whose fortune Forbes estimates at 2.6 billion dollars. He has successfully implemented many business projects, and created a real business empire. Thanks to prudent investments and decisive corporate management, his companies not only bring profit to shareholders, but also create new jobs throughout the country, develop industrial and banking industries services and telecommunications.

Thanks to hard work and dedication, professionalism, integrity and focus on maximum efficiency, Utemuratov team managed to achieve impressive results. Having adopted leadership of the Tennis Federation, Mr. Utemuratov applied a comprehensive approach, as he used to do in doing business. During his tenure, the number of courts in the country increased fourfold (from 60 to 244) and all conditions for the development of tennis were created. Now in every regional center of Kazakhstan there are modern tennis centers, which are provided with the best personnel thanks to the Federation.

Education of champions

Tennis requires a lot of money. In order to train athletes, you need to have a well-developed infrastructure, experienced coaching staff, and the opportunity to participate in international competitions. Ensuring the training and competitions is the task of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. However, the head of the Tennis Federation habitually took over the bulk of work and a significant share of the financing. Bulat Utemuratov invested in the development of tennis infrastructure and sports events $65 million of personal funds.

The education of Olympic champions begins since childhood. That is why special attention is paid to the tennis schools of the young reserve and clubs “Tennis to 10”. The project for gifted children “Team Kazakhstan” is working successfully – a sports school that forms a reserve of players in the national teams of the Davis Cup and the Federation Cup. The KTF fully finances the training of the strongest juniors from the best local and foreign trainers, food and accommodation at the Academy’s hotel, trips to competitions both inside the country and abroad.

Currently, about 40 international tournaments are held annually in Kazakhstan, and young athletes get all conditions for growth and development.

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