These Car Parks Will Blow Your Mind

Car parks are underrated – nobody takes time to appreciate them. If you are an Australian, parking lots are very normal to you. Car parks are almost everywhere in the Land Down Under. Because of how common they are, many don’t give so much to them.

If you think finding Mini-Tankers refueling industrial vehicles is already amazing, think again.In some parts of the world, however, designers, engineers, and architects give car parks a bit of twist, making them unique and sometimes outlandish; these parking spaces are not only used to car park line marking but public attention as well. Below are some of the most unique and interesting car parks ever made.

Volkswagen Car Silos (Wolfsburg, Germany) – Germany is home to some of the more popular and sophisticated cars ever produced. One of the leading car manufacturers of this generation is no other than the Volkswagen. In Germany, the company is not only known for producing and marketing quality automobiles but car silos as well. An automobile-themed amusement park has been constructed by the company, which houses a museum, driving courses, and a 20-story car silos. Aside from being huge, these silos are also popular for being high-tech and interactive. Car buyers can pick their cars from the robotic car silo instead of the ordinary way of doing it, giving customers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Umihotaru car park (Tokyo, Japan) – Japanese are known creating creative, unique, and bold innovations, and the Umihotaru floating car park is definitely a no exemption. Literally translated as “sea firefly”, the Umihotaru is an artificial island and common go-to spot for tourists. The island is not 100-percent car park as it offers variety of attractions including shops, cafes, and public art, and panoramic views of the city. However, the most unique feature of the island is that it is shaped like a cruise liner. Additionally, the island serves as a rest stop on the aqua-line, world’s famous underwater tunnel.

Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure (California, USA) – The unique characteristic of the parking structure is that it is known for its efforts to go green and to save energy. This 300,000-square-foot building is the first recognized LEED-certified car park, making it known for being one of the most environmentally friendly car garages in the world. Furthermore, it is known for having high level of sustainability. This quite massive parking structure can hold hundreds of traditional cars, electric vehicles, and bicycles as well.

Michigan Theatre (Michigan, USA) – Detroit, Michigan is famous worldwide for once being the hub for the automotive industry. Today, the remnants of this reputation still remain. The Michigan Theater is one of the best examples for this. Built in 1926, this construction was once a popular theatre in the city, but financial troubles prompted it to cease its operation. There were plans to demolish the structure but did not materialize as buildings adjacent to the theatre were not stable. Instead, the theatre was converted into a three-level parking space.

The ParkhausEngelenschanze (Stuttgart, Germany) – The Parkhaus is iconic for having all-glass exterior and inner courtyard, which makes it more of a parking for rich people. In addition to its stunning and stylish architectural design, its inner courtyard has a waterfall and creek. The Parkhaus also prides in its ramp design that ensures that vehicles going up will not have to cross paths with those going down.

These car garages, parks, and structures only prove that car parks can be jazzed up and less dull. Yes, you may not see Mini-Tankers parked there but these places definitely are unique and cool. The common notion is that car park are only good for serving as temporary space for vehicles, for car park line marking, and the like. However, if one would think outside of the box, these spaces can be turned into amusement parks, recreational areas, and tourist spots.

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